Friday, April 6, 2018

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Activity One:

What did you see when I was at the marae I saw a _a tree a pie and grass________________________________________________________
What did you hear?__i heared___a river and a rain drop______________________________________________________
How did you feel? _i felt the carpet_the air and a stone__________________________________________________________
What did you expect?  something fun ________________________________________________________
What surprised you nothing  __________________________________________________________
What took you out of your comfort zone? nothing _________________________________________
What did you learn? _about  _when the peaces_or war__ _____________________________________________________
List the order of events as best as you can about the pƍwhiri and what you saw people doing._When _we   went throw the gate someone doing _a karakeya_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Activity Two:
Below are some photos of Tuhuru.  Listen to the tangata whenua talk about features that are significant to them.  Label the relevant pictures with information you have learnt.

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the gates to stop the enemies from getting in

Image result for tuhuru marae

                               the caving are to tell about stories

Related image

Every marae has protocols and rules that you must follow while you are there.  Listen to the tangata whenua and write down the rules that you are to follow while you are at Tuhuru.  Present it as a poster on this page:

take shoes off  before going in side. Sit on your but.


Don’t sit on a pillow. Don’t put your elbow off the table.-


Final Activity:

Write a reflection on your day spent at Tuhuru Marae.  What have you learnt? What did you enjoy the most? What was a challenge?  Do you feel that you know a little more about Te Ao Maori? What are you most proud of doing today?  Is there anything that you now want to learn more about?

we learned about peace and war and when  they put a stone down i learned that if the enemy pick it up they came in peace if they did not pick it up  they came in war. What i like was the food the marae gave to us i like the carrot cake and the orange . What i thought was a challenge was having something to play on because  the outside of the marae is plain. i’m most proud of it taking 5 years to build the marae and 3 year for the cavings.

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